Strategic Planning and Corporate Finance

A Senior Bilingual Executive,Proactive Problem Solver and Dynamic Leader with US and international experience in Operations Management, Financial Management, Business Management, and Investment Management is currently offering his professional advisory services to individuals, small to medium business owners.

SERVICES (Contract and Fee Based)

  • Corporate Finance
  • Private Banking
  • Investment Management

I possess a 20 year career in corporate accounting and finance. The core of my roles in the industries have been on a hybrid style, that is supporting both business and finance functions from startups (early stage) to large organizations in both private and public sectors.


-Durable Medical Equipment
-Construction Interior Design
-Food & Beverages
-Real Estate
-FinTech | P2P Platform
-Mobile App Solution | SaaS
-Trade | Commodities
-Oil & Energy

Renzo A Mazzini | Strategic Planning & Corporate Finance
E: |
P:+1-305-992-8244 | +1-305-741-5630









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